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Apprenticeship in Hindustani (North Indian) Classical Vocal Music.

2000-2005 New Delhi, India. A disciple of Vidushi Sumitra Guha (http://www.facebook.com/sumitra.guha), one of India's premier classical vocalists and a follower of Kirana Gharana. Vidushi Guha is a recipient of the Padma Shree award in 2010, one of the highest honors bestowed by the Government of India. Samia's apprenticeship with her involves the ancient "Guru-Shishya Parampara", an oral tradition of apprenticeship involving a grandmaster and a disciple.


2005 till current, Maryland. Training with Vidushi Guha twice a year - once in the US during Vidushi Guha's annual concert tours, and once in India during Samia's annual visit.

1984 till 2000. A disciple of Sri Tapan Kanti Baidya (http://www.sadarangworld.org/2013/index.html) of Bangladesh.

1984 till 1989, Dhaka, Bangladesh. At Sadharang Music Academy founded by Sri Baidya.

1990 till 1996, Maryland. Apprenticeship with Sri Baidya who opened a branch of his music academy in the US.

1996 till 2000, South Africa. Distant-learner with Sri Baidya.


Apprenticeship in Nazrul Sangeet, Devotional and Folk music of South Asia:

2000 till current. Apprenticeship with Vidushi Sumitra Guha in Bhajans (devotional compositions rendered in different Indian languages such as Sanskrit, Hindi and Gujarati).

1984 till 2000. Formal training in Nazrul Sangeet from Sri Baidya, Fatematuz Zohra and Sadia Afreen Mallick. Nazrul Sangeet are Bangla compositions of the Rebel poet of Bengal, Kazi Nazrul Islam. This genre draws on Hindustani Classical styles and explores styles beyond the boundaries of Bengal including Drut Khayal (a pure classical form); Thumri (semi-classical); Ghazal (Urdu poetry); Qawaali (Sufi); Kirtan (Devotional from Bengal); Folk (within or outside of Bengal).

*Photographs Courtesy of Avinash Pasricha
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