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Published Work / Audio Clips

June 2009-2012:
Tulku: Way of the Mystique.
Record Label - New Earth Records.  

June 2007-2012:
Tulku: Doors to Paradise. Record Label - New Earth Records.


*Photographs Courtesy of Avinash Pasricha
The "Tulku" series is credited to Grammy Award winner, and producer, Jim Wilson. These albums are a compilation of music from different parts of the world blending traditional and contemporary music. Samia's involvement in the "Tulku" project is a culmination of the work she had embarked on during her residence in South Africa from 1996 till 2000. There, she worked with one of South Africa's premier musicians, Pops (Ismail) Mohamed, to produce Braids, an album that marries the sounds of traditional African instruments with the depth of Hindustani vocal music. Braids includes 10 song compositions, out of which 7 have been featured in the Tulku albums. The 7 tracks, on which Samia is featured, are:
  • "Tulku: Doors to Paradise": "The Link"; "Shanti Afrique"; "Trance Romance"; and "Kaando Kanay Mon".
  • "Tulku: Way of the Mystique": "Night in Copenhagen"; "Meditation"; and "Transambience".

Note: Work-in-progress: "The Link"; "Trance Romance"; "Kaando Kanay Mon"; "Night in Copenhagen"; "Meditation"; and "Transambience" to be released in an album titled "HyBraids".

August 2003: Srijana Chhande: A Tribute to Kazi Nazrul Islam.Record Label: Masters Music Company, New Delhi, India. This is Samia's first solo album. A collection of 8 songs, it is a tribute to the diversity in the stylistic and rhythmic creativity of the rebel poet of Bengal, Kazi Nazrul Islam. (http://www.nazrul.org/)

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*Photographs Courtesy of Avinash Pasricha
Work In Progress