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November 23, 2014. At the residence of South Africa's ambassador to the US, Ebrahim Rasool.


September 21, 2014 Asian Arts & Culture Center, Towson University, Maryland. A Hindustani Classical Music performance by Samia Mahbub Ahmad (vocals and tanpura) and Debu Nayak (tabla) at in conjunction with the "Meditation" exhibition at the Asian Arts Gallery. http://www.towson.edu/asianarts/


September 21 (International Day of Peace), 2007, Convocation Center, James Madison University, Harrisonburg, Virginia,

Solo performance of selected favorite spiritual compositions of Mahatma Gandhi.

Event: Mahatma Gandhi Global Non-Violence Award Ceremony for Arch Bishop, Rev. Desmond Tutu, recipient of the 1984 Nobel Peace Prize.

Youtube link:  watch?v=NsESBRd3G4M&feature=related


March 22, 2007 Gandhi Memorial Center

A solo performance of bhajans during a special presentation on "The Islam/West Divide and India's Role: Hints from the Mahatma" by Rajmohan Gandhi, grandson of Mahatma Gandhi



August 5, 2006, Omni Performing Studio, Dhaka Bangladesh

A solo Hindustani Classical and Semi-Classical performance.






*Photographs Courtesy of Avinash Pasricha
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